These are our beers. Some are available all the time. Some aren’t. All are equally edifying.

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    These beers are available now. Some of these are year round core beers. Others are rotational, or one-off specials.

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    We have 4 year round core beers. They’re available all the time…

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    See all the awesomey specials we’ve brewed. Yes, ‘awesomey’ is a word.

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    Like we said, we love working with others. See what magic we’ve created with our friends.

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Available now

Apa uk Available Now

American Pale Ale


The definition of sessionable! This 3.5% Pale Ale offers a surprisingly full body which allows the hops to remain balanced. Think biscuit, citrus and refreshing. Our APA is not too hoppy and is the perfect gateway, thirst-quenching beer.

Detre uk Available Now

D'être: Passionfruit


Saison with Passionfruit.

Detre uk Available Now

D'être: Ultime.

ABV varies with each release.

Clean. Soft. Perfect.

Exportstout uk Available Now

Export Stout


This decadent badboy is a stout to be savoured and enjoyed. Chocolate, caramel, coffee and dried fruit combine with the roasted biscuity malt bill to give a complex and smooth Export Stout.

Forever ago uk Available Now



Our take on a NE IPA; murky, hazy, low bitterness and absolutely delicious.

Generic uk Available Now


ABV varies with each release.

Our Pilsner. Dry, crisp refreshing, generic. And ridiculously crushable.

Gift uk Available Now


ABV varies with each release.

A new Beer Series for us. A massive Stout. You're welcome. Drink now, or save for after the 'summer'...

Imbongo uk Available Now



Originally part of our Push & Pull Series, but loved it so much, we had to add it to our Core Selection! Extra pale malt with Mosaic & Azacca.

Ipa uk Available Now

India Pale Ale


At 7%, our IPA balances a cake-like malty sweetness with an obnoxious amount of hops.

Joyous abandon uk Available Now

Joyous Abandon


Our first bottled Mixed-ferm Saison. Using our House Culture, we aged this Raspberry Saison in a Pinot Noir barrel and allowed the Critters to do what they do best. This beer is the future. THE FUTURE!!

Keg icon Available Now

No Coast


We brewed a West Coast/New England Hybrid with Heaney Farmhouse brewing to be released on our 2nd Anniversary. NE grain bill, West Coast bittering and yeast, and 50/50 split on the dry hop method.

Pari gagnant uk Available Now

Pari Gagnant


Saison with Seaweed and Green Tea. Over our Second Birthday Celebration, we brewed a few beers. This is one of them. Brewed with Outland Brewing, Paris.

Pink sunglasses uk Available Now

Pink Sunglasses


For our Second Birthday we brewed a Kellerpils with our friends from Outland, Kinnegar and White Hag.

Pushandpull uk Available Now

Push & Pull: Ekuanot and Huell Melon


IPA with Ekuanot and Huell Melon

Pushandpull uk Available Now

Push & Pull: Mandarina Bavaria, Ekuanot & Mosaic.


IPA with Mandarina Bavaria, Ekuanot & Mosaic.

Screwball uk Available Now



A Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream IPA brewed with our friends from the Ulster Exiles.

Ynga uk Available Now

You're not getting any


Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout with Blueberries. Collab with Zapato. Taproom & events only.