Taproom 28 & 29 July

Well June's Taproom was a little bit silly. One in, one out from 18:30! Imagine they let us do this properly... Ah well. This month. Back to the...

Taproom 30 June

For one night only. Just the Friday this month. Because marching. 4-11. At the Brewery. Open to anyone Food by Ispini. Cash & card accepted....

8 new beers.

Just the 8 new beers this time. #1 Bandwagon New DIPA series. Taking what we've learnt from our Push & Pull series and our NE IPA,...

5 new beers.

A question of if. 5 new beers coming soon. Thought we'd share a bit about them. No coast DIPA. A wee 9.5% DIPA with our in-house besties Heaney...

Happy Birthday to us.

Last month's Taproom was crazy. Sold out of pizza. And beer. It's a sign of how far we've come in two years, I think. So this month we're having a...

2017 Taproom Dates

We're getting inundated with questions about the Taproom. The last one was great. So here's a few dates for you. 31.3/1.4

Heaney Farmhouse Brewing

There one was a man, Mal McCay
Who married the apple of his eye
They inherited a farm
It had so much charm
But he didn't know what to do with it...

Brewing in America

Last week we were brewing in Colorado and California. It was fun. Lots of fun. We did a lot of research too. Yum. The first half of the trip was...