Funding News

We're pretty excited to announce that we are in receipt of R&D Capital support from Invest NI for 'Boundary NPD 2017-18'. This project which...

Taproom 28 & 29 July

Well June's Taproom was a little bit silly. One in, one out from 18:30! Imagine they let us do this properly... Ah well. This month. Back to the...

Taproom 30 June

For one night only. Just the Friday this month. Because marching. 4-11. At the Brewery. Open to anyone Food by Ispini. Cash & card accepted....

8 new beers.

Just the 8 new beers this time. #1 Bandwagon New DIPA series. Taking what we've learnt from our Push & Pull series and our NE IPA,...

5 new beers.

A question of if. 5 new beers coming soon. Thought we'd share a bit about them. No coast DIPA. A wee 9.5% DIPA with our in-house besties Heaney...

Happy Birthday to us.

Last month's Taproom was crazy. Sold out of pizza. And beer. It's a sign of how far we've come in two years, I think. So this month we're having a...

2017 Taproom Dates

We're getting inundated with questions about the Taproom. The last one was great. So here's a few dates for you. 31.3/1.4

Heaney Farmhouse Brewing

There one was a man, Mal McCay
Who married the apple of his eye
They inherited a farm
It had so much charm
But he didn't know what to do with it...