Taproom 1-3 March

Well hello there. Taproom dates for the next few months: 1-3 March
29-31 March Special Brexit Taproom with our Buddies YellowBelly. More details...


Without doubt our best and strongest year at Boundary. So far. Here’s a couple of highlights and personal reflections. We’ve had to leave loads...

We love Indyman because.

It really is a special Festival. Absolutely one of our favourites each year. It's yummy. Sometimes it seems that our year revolves around this...

Bucket Lists & Shelton Fest

We've been brewing beer for 37 months now. Jeepers. And in that time we've had to write two bucket lists. This week we go to the States to pour at...

All The Cans.

In the beginning We wanted to go to cans. At the end of year one, when it was time to buy an automated packaging line, we looked at canning...

Taproom 24-26 August

July. What a Birthday Celebration! August Taproom. 4-11 each day. Sunday is Board Games and beer. No movie. Open to anyone. Food this month Little...

Happy Birthday to us.

3 years old. Feels like a million. Anyways... As per last year, we've invited some friends over to help us celebrate. And we'd like you to join...

New Beers.

All the new beer. Double Screwball.
Brewed for our 3rd Birthday Month in July. It's like Screwball. But doubled.
Imperial Raspberry Ice Cream IPA....

Taproom 25-27 May

Well April was crazy. Sorry for those who didn't get into the Taproom last weekend. We've got some exciting plans coming soon to make sure that...

Taproom 27-29 April

April Taproom 4-11 each day. Sunday is Movie & Board Games Day. Movie begins at 5. Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to...