Silver Linings

That's right. Every week. Fridays at 8pm.
Through the magical power of technology, we will be hosting a live video call where anyone can join in for a super fun Quiz! We will have 6 rounds of 10 questions.

Zoom link is here.

Meeting ID: 892 4050 5242
Passcode: 276891

The Top 3 teams will win BEER (UK only/International winners win some Boundary Merch).

During the Quiz, everyone will receive a 15% discount for our shop. #BuyBeer. Member discount can not be added to this.

How Are Teams Made Up

The Quiz app we are using is only suitable for teams who are physically beside one another.

You can enter a team by yourself, if you're like Kevin from Home Alone, or join as one team with your housemates. Or you can have multiple teams in one household, if you think you're smarter than the people you live with and don't want them holding you back.

What You Need To Play

You will need at least two devices per team (we recommend a laptop and smartphone).

LAPTOP / PC: you will join a Zoom call whereby you will see everyone else on the call and say "Hey!" The laptop will also display the Questions - so it's super important your battery is charged or laptop is plugged in and everyone in your team can see it. We recommend you download the Zoom App for your laptop.

SMARTPHONE: your team will then join our Quiz via We will provide you with a code and this is how you join the Quiz. You will only need one smartphone.

How It Works

Step 1: Join the Zoom Call on the laptop. Link will be shared above on Friday evenings.

Step 2: Join the Quiz on your smartphone - we will present the Quiz entry code for Kahoot via the Zoom Call. One person per team should use their smartphone to enter the code to join the quiz. You will then enter your team name.

Step 3: Play the Quiz - woo hoo! The fun bit begins. We will be sure to give you a few breaks between rounds and we will even have a bit of live music.


Can I have teammates who are in different locations?

Can I have more than one team in my house?
Sure can! You will need an extra device, of course, like a smartphone.