Boundary is a cooperative brewery owned by its members.

We believe that life is best when shared and enjoyed with others. We think the same about beer. So grab a beer, and a friend. And enjoy.

This beer is bottle conditioned. Please store upright and pour gently. Contains gluten.

Brewed & bottled at

Boundary Brewing Cooperative Ltd, A5 310 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1HE

ABV 7%

Vol 330ml

Best Before



These are our beers. Some are available all the time. Some aren’t. All are equally edifying.

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    These beers are available now. Some of these are year round core beers. Others are rotational, or one-off specials.

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  • Core

    We have 3 year round core beers. They’re available all the time…

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  • Specials

    See all the awesomey specials we’ve brewed. Yes, ‘awesomey’ is a word.

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  • Collabs

    Like we said, we love working with others. See what magic we’ve created with our friends.

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Our Story


New Beers. New Beers.

4 new beers. Just in time for Christmas. How convenient. Sour Bake. Innoculating our Export Stout in a Louis Jadot Pinot Noir barrel way back in...

Taproom 9 & 10 December

This weekend we're open Fri & Sat 4-11. At the Brewery. Taplist: Sour Bake. 9.6% 2.50
Push & Pull: All the hops. 5.5% 2.00
D'etré Ultime....

Taproom 25 & 26 November

Taproom this weekend. Fri & Sat 4-11. At the Brewery. 2 new beersies. Can you spot them?! Taplist: Sour Bake. 9.6% 2.50
Push & Pull: All...


You can buy our beer. That’s great. You can buy it in person, or online.

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You can also buy Boundary beers in actual shops in Ireland, UK & now, some parts of Europe (America, we're coming for you soon!). See all stockists on our lovely map!