In December 2014, we offered our first members the chance to start a brewery that we could all be proud of! In eight days, we raised £100k and welcomed 447 members to our Cooperative.

We got to work immediately. Loads of people missed out on our initial Community Share offer, but we had what we needed to get off to an amazing start.

In January 2015, we took the keys to our brewery in Portview Trade Centre. In May, we brewed our first beers.

They sold out immediately.

Since then, we've released four core beers, and a mildly ridiculous amount of specials. Reviews have been amazing. In fact, we’ve been voted the best beer and best Brewery in NI every year since we opened!!

In December 2015, we opened membership again, and raised over £160,000 to help us scale.

We’re now over 1400 strong.

Having the support of over 1400 members is phenomenal. It’s by far the best decision we’ve made, and our success is in no small part down to our members’ input and effort.

All members can run and vote for the Board of Directors. As we grow, members may receive interest and an additional dividend. It is important to note that neither are guaranteed, and both are at the discretion of the Board. Read our FAQ for more details.

You also get 18% off our Online Shop. For life!!

We had an opportunity to establish Belfast as the source of some of the world's best beers. With a brewery that we all own.

So how do you feel about owning a brewery that’s owned and run by its members, brewing the best beers in N. Ireland?


You can still become a member!

By investing, you agree to your details being held on a password protected computer database. It will not be passed to a third party.

You also agree that you have read the FAQs, the Constitution and the Bylaws, and that you are not investing anything you can not afford to lose, and are not expecting any financial returns.

If you are buying Membership as a Gift for someone else, we will be in touch within a week to see how you want us to communicate to them.