FAQs - General

Is Boundary Brewing a legal entity?
Yes. We are registered as an Industrial and Providential Society from 2014. You can see our registration here. Our Company Number is 409IP or our Company Name is Boundary Brewing Cooperative Limited.

What bang do I get for my buck?
It is worth noting that you should not buy Membership if your primary goal is to make money. As we can afford, we will begin to pay out interest on your investment. That decision, though, is at the discretion of the Board. But mostly, you get to own Belfast’s first Cooperative Brewery and Taproom and help it to grow. Oh, and you get 18% off our Online Shop. And 10% off all Boundary beer in our venues (for on site enjoyment, or for taking away!). 

How much is Membership?
Membership is £100. You are buying 100 x £1 shares.

Can I invest more?
Not at the minute. We have offered 3 Community Share Raises in the past, but have no plans for another one at this time.

Will the value of the shares purchased increase?
No. The maximum value of any share will always be £1. However, it is possible that if Boundary fails as a business your shares could reduce in value. As you consider investing with us in this venture, we advise that you do not invest anything that you are not prepared to lose. We also recommend that you discuss this opportunity with your Independent Financial Advisor.

Can I transfer or withdraw my Membership at any time?
No. Membership is not transferrable. They can only be sold back to the issuing Cooperative Society, in our case Boundary Brewing Cooperative Limited. An application to withdraw shares can be made to the Board of Directors, although such requests are at the sole discretion of the Board. To date, we have not allowed many shares to be withdrawn. While we have plans to help facilitate such requests in the future, such decisions are at the complete discretion of the Board, and it is unlikely we will facilitate such decisions this year.

Will I receive a financial return on my investment?
As set out in our constitution, profit sharing will be voted on by all Members at the AGM. Your investment in shares can qualify you for an annual interest payment as determined by the Board. Interest payments are set at no more than 5% per annum or 2% above the Cooperative Bank’s base rate, whichever is greater. All Members can also qualify for profit dividends subject to surpluses generated and these would be payable equally or in accordance with some other equitable formula which recognises the relative contribution made by each Member to the business of the Cooperative. 

This all sounds great but I’d want to meet and / or speak to someone before committing myself financially, how can I arrange this?
No problem. We'd advise you to read the constitution and bylaws first. Then, if you still have questions, please get in touch. 

Where can I find the Constitution and Bylaws?
Here and here.

What do I actually get to decide on, or vote on, as a member?
At the AGM, every member gets an equal vote for the election of the Board, the application of profits, and the transaction of any other business included in the notice convening the meeting.

Can I buy shares for someone else?
Yes. But they will be the member of the Cooperative, not you.

Do I have to be over 18 to become a member?
Yes. You cannot become a member of Boundary if you are not 18+.

How can I run for the board?
We will release details in the lead up to our next AGM (date tbc). Any member may run for the board.

Can I buy more than one vote in the Cooperative?
No. One member equals one vote.

Can I become a member if I live outside the UK?
Yes. We accept payments with Stripe. They can take payment internationally. 

How can I be a part of the Cooperative if I live in another country?
For the AGM, you will be able to vote beforehand if you cannot attend in person. You will also be able to attend the AGM digitally from a computer.